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Monday, November 7, 2011


Despite my suspicions that the weather is being tampered with and despite the hardships the people went through during winter storm Alfred,here in New England, it is of much benefit to pause and wonder at the beauty of nature.

Storm Alfed was unusual and particularly damaging because it came when the leaves were still on the trees and the snow covered everything with a heavy wet blanket. Trees were bent to the ground, some were uprooted , many were blocking roads, and branches were everywhere...especially on the electric wires. However, if one rose early enough that morning, before the sun had a chance to melt it all, the beauty was astounding. I tried to capture the moment in the photos below but they only hint at this pristine peaceful experience.

Fallen and bent trees blocking the road

Early Morning in New England

The Rising Sun Has Begun To Melt The Snow From The Leaves

A Few Hours After The Sun Has Risen and Most of The Snow Has Melted or Fallen From the Leaves

It Is Over A Week Now Since The Storm And Some People Are Still Without Power. Today Is Oct. 7, 2011

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