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Saturday, March 10, 2012


Yesterday,in CT, while driving home from the grocery store I came upon a dancing policeman directing traffic at a busy intersection.He looked like he was thoroughly enjoying himself....and I couldn't help but respond with laughing and an exuberant wave.

While we need to be alert to the deception taking place all around us, it's just as important to recognize and appreciate the abundant goodness and joy that surrounds us. If you are overwhelmed with negative personal and world events then think of what you can do to bring a little joy to others.Do the unexpected kind or funny thing and watch the grateful reactions you get.Happiness can be infectious!

That policeman made my day and reminded me that we are living in a beautiful world and that each of our own way...can help to make it even better. Don't be mesmerized by mainstream media or even the alternative media, which is trying to keep us in a state of fear and hopelessness.
The video below shows a similar dance routine to what I witnessed yesterday

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