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Tuesday, October 2, 2012

A Walk On The Beach

Now that I am a bit older with family all raised and with a little more time to relax, I am finding that walking in nature can be relaxing and stimulating at the same time. Walking in nature encourages a sense of calm, feelings of gratitude, and creates a healthy body and mind. I love to bring my camera with me to capture these feelings and bring them home to enjoy at a later time. Modern excercise advice tends to make us think that we have to hurry in our excercise in order to raise the heartrate and it is assumed that there will not be many benefits unless we move at a fast pace. Well.....there is always a place for intense excercise but I am finding that it is just as invigorating and healthbuilding to "stop and smell the roses" along the way. Take time to see the detail and to wonder at God's perfectly balanced creation. you stroll through the photographs below, take your time to savor the simple beauty of nature. All of these pictures were taken at Hammonasset State Park in CT.

The photo below was taken around 9 AM in the middle of September. The sky was a dramatic gorgeous blue!

    I hadn't realized that these beach fences are for the protection of the dunes and the wildlife that resides in the grasses.

    Dramatic blue sky and still morning water

   Smoothly worn driftwood and purple sand

     Under the bridge and into the marsh

    Powerful protector of the beach

    Cucumber beetle resting in a sea rose

             An unknown beach artist created this simple but yet pleasing grouping of natural artifacts.

    A spiral created by a previous beachgoer. I really enjoy coming across these artforms made with natural ingredients.....left for future beach strollers to happen upon.

    Marshes can display beautiful colors

    Check out the red succulent marsh grass and the bright green in the foreground!

    Sand, wood, water and sky

    Bee collecting pollen

    Seashells By The Seashore

    Portrait of a Seashell

     Gazing Out To Sea

     Double the Pleasure........

    Shells, Marsh, and Sky

    One end of the beach is composed of boulders and small pebbles instead of sand


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