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Friday, November 15, 2013

Loughlin: One Man's Journey To Redemption Through Art

Brendan Louglin was my art teacher for several years in Guilford, CT. Brendan's artwork and philosophy of life has touched many lives and his main message is that if he can overcome adversity...then anyone can. His paintings express vibrancy of joy. Sharing this joy with others is his main focus. Yankee Magazine wrote an article about him and Jo Montgomery, an author who lives in nearby Madison, wrote a book about Brendan's life story.  The title is "Loughlin: One Man's Journey To Redemption Through Art. This is the blurb from the back cover...
" A remarkable true story that exposes, then celebrates, the extraordinary human ability to rise above abandonment, abuse, tragedy, and poverty. Proving that inner joy, like trick birthday candles, will smoke, spark and light itself back up again no matter how many times it is extinguished. In the heart of the postcard - perfect New England town of Guilford, Connecticut is a small, outdated apartment that displays no signs of life. There are no curtains on the windows and no furniture, just piles of painter canvases and buckets of brushes. It doesn't appear that anyone lives there, but that couldn't be farther from the truth. An artist by the name of Brendan Loughlin lives in that apartment, and so does his extraordinary story. Take a look into Brendan's private life and be inspired, amused and possibly changed by the journey of the man Yankee Magazine called "Connecticut's modern day Van Gogh."
The book can be found on Amazon but there are none available at this point. However, you may want to read some of the reviews. If interested in reading this remarkable story, you may be able to order the book from the local bookstore at the link below. Scroll down through this post and enjoy the paintings I photographed from Brendan's gallery.
He actually encouraged me to spread the joy of his artwork and the uplifting message brought out in his life story by photographing his paintings and even  profiting from them by selling products with his photographed artwork featured on them.

Brendan is known for his paintings on Guilford fences, doors and sides of buildings. Everyone knows and loves Brendan. Brendan was interviewed by Yankee Magazine. You can find the inspiring article here....

Brendan has invented his own art technique called PASTAC which involves using Bin primer, painter's tints and chalks. He is a self taught artist. A few years back when he was homeless he would visit the Guilford Library and study books on the great artists for inspiration. Van Gogh was one artist he was particularly interested in.

Brendan picking one of his joyful sunflowers

Brendan would often hold art classes outdoors . He would lug tables and other equipment to a shady area where students would spread out their artist brushes and paints. Everyone walking by would stop and speak with Brendan and observe what the students were painting. Brendan always told his students..."anyone can paint if they so desire" and he also tried to encourage those who felt they had no natural telling them that any mistake can be corrected with his method ...and to be fearless. He also believes that painting is excellent therapy for people.

The photograph below shows another example of how Brendan's artwork graced local businesses.

For fun and useful products featuring Brendan's photography check out this link

If interested in buying a painting from Brendan or if you just want to meet him and hear more of his story and view some of his paintings...head to the Guilford Green in Guilford, Connecticut, ask almost anyone in one of the stores...especially Breakwater Books right on the Guilford Green... and they will tell you how to find Brendan. The town of Guilford....on the Connecticut shoreline... is also a nice place to visit...very "New England"

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