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Thursday, October 8, 2015

Edie Clark At Mary's Farm

I met Edie Clark when she was writing a story for Yankee Magazine about Lyme Disease. This led me to explore her other writings, which I have become very fond of.  Edie Clark has worked at Yankee Magazine since 1978. She is most well known for her column "The View From Mary's Farm". She has also written 6 books. Her most recent one that just hit the scene is called "As Simple As That". This book is a collection of her essays from Yankee Magazine. I haven't been fortunate enough to read the book yet so I would like to share what others have said about it.

"Delivered in an elegant style, these essays are lessons on how to live in small-town New England: kite flying on a frozen lake, ways to cook green tomatoes, keeping an old house, searching for a dog caught in a tornado, wood heat, coping with spring mud. Taken as a whole, they are a philosophical inquiry into what some people call mindfulness. Clark teaches us how to pay attention to the moments that make up our lives. This is a beautiful book about love, grief, and the natural world. It reads like a how-to manual but feels like a lyric poem. I was deeply moved by it." Ernest Herbert, author of Howard Elman's Farewell.

"Edie Clark's Yankee Column is a national treasure. This book glows with a life closely and kindly observed, days well-lived and well-loved. Reading this book will make you feel like you are sitting in her warm, sunny kitchen, listening to her tell you heart warming, spell binding stories." Sy Montgomery, author of The Soul Of An Octopus.

You can purchase As Simple As That and her other books at   Scroll down to view Mary's Farm.

Edie is a masterful storyteller and knows how to win her reader's hearts. Recently someone likened her to a painter of words. In my opinion, Edie Clark is the Norman Rockwell of essay writers.

Edie has given me permission to share with you the views from and of Mary's Farm. As you tour her farm and the views it will be simple for you to understand where Edie finds her inspiration. Take some time also to watch the 4 minute Yankee video below featuring Edie Clark.

Mount Monadnock from Mary's farm

Edie's beloved dog, Mayday, who was the subject of several of Edie's essays.

Visit Edie's website and learn more about the history of Mary's Farm and why it is called Mary's Farm. Here you will also find her other books and CD  Let's take time out from our hectic lifestyle to appreciate all that is around us. Edie is a master at teaching us how.


  1. Thank you Linda! It's a beautiful still place! When I visited it was so still and quiet that I noticed it immediately after getting out of the car. I believe Edie nicknamed her place "Stillpoint"