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Saturday, January 29, 2011


I recieved this picture in my email the other day from a friend in New Hampshire. Nature is amazing.These patterns on her window look just like plant fronds. The article below explains basically how this effect occurs. The ice pattern above definitely looks like the fern/feather pattern spoken of below

By Leslie Corkill
Ice crystals and the stunningly beautiful patterns they make have always intrigued and mystified people. Nature brings to us one of her exquisite creations by weaving intricate patterns across a car windshield or a house windowpane. Modern science allows us to see the different shapes and patterns of ice crystals.
Dendritic Patterns

When scientists were finally able to see an ice crystal at its most basic element due to microscope technology, they found that it was disc-shaped, a very simple shape. Curiosity sent scientists looking for how this basic shape turned into the elaborate designs we can see on a frosty glass surface. They still do not know. Phrases such as "suddenly morphs" and "becomes unstable" are the only scientific statements of explanation available.

The disc-shaped ice crystal suddenly morphs into a dendritic (or treelike) pattern. The ice crystals begin to branch off from its center and create elaborate patterns. Variations in the pattern occur with the introduction of environmental imperfections, such as the swipe of a cloth and cleaning solution, the texture of the surface, debris and even air temperature and circulation changes along the glass surface.

Feather or Fern Pattern

The presence or absence of imperfections creates beautiful patterns. A very clean glass surface is a crucial component to creating feather or fern patterns. Another component is a cold and damp day when the air is saturated with water molecules. The pattern starts with hexagonal seeding crystals that catch along a microscopic scratch on the window. The multitude of water molecules attach themselves to the seed crystals in such a flurry that the creation of more seed crystals is inhibited. The molecules simply begin to attach and freeze to each other and rapidly build upon each other, creating this pattern. The molecules are unimpeded by surface debris because the glass is clean, and the result is patterns of ethereal feathers and ferns growing gracefully from their seed crystal stems.

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The video below shows one woman's window ice crystals that are becoming 3 D

I wonder if there is any relation to the formation of these ice crystals on glass window the ice crystal photography of Masaru Emoto in his books
The True Power of Water: Healing and Discovering Ourselves and The Hidden Messages in Water
Do the beautiful formations occur only in happy households?

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