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Tuesday, January 25, 2011


In the video below, David Wolfe talks briefly about the different varieties of mushrooms which hold important immune system and nervous system building properties.I am becoming more and more excited to learn  about to grow them, how to prepare them in culinary dishes and how to use them medicinally. I also am interested in learning how to identify mushrooms in the wild. A few weeks ago I bought a pearl oyster mushroom growing kit  and have already harvested the first flush from the mushroom patch. The only real maintenance is to mist it a couple times a day to keep it moist. A small bit of mold developed inside the bag that holds the straw together, so I just removed the moldy parts, let the bag air out for about half a day and then recovered it with the humidity tent that comes with the kit. Pearl oyster mushrooms don't appear to be on the highly medicinal mushroom list but they are excellent eating and are very easy to grow. Supposedly you can take the bag of straw and innoculate appropriate areas outside and grow more mushrooms. I'm looking forward to seeing if that works. Medicinal mushroom kits can also be found on Amazon through the above link. Pictures of my mushroom kit are at the top.Below the David Wolfe video is another important video with Paul Stamets who is a mycologist , has written several books, one of his most famous and comprehensive being Growing Gourmet and Medicinal Mushrooms . Paul Stamets believes that mushrooms hold the key to saving our health and our planet.

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  1. I want to put the reishi mushroom in the top position among all medicinal mushrooms.